We offer a buyer’s service and can be engaged by you to act on your behalf.  

We offer an initial free consultation to clarify your starting point & understandings about real estate investing, your objectives and each other’s expectations to ensure that the relationship and lines of communication are clear.

The benefits of this service to you are:

  • Save you time doing the research to find suitable properties
  • Fair opportunity to purchase a property as no conflict of interest with listing agent when presenting your offer.
  • Guidance on putting an offer together to enhance your prospects of purchasing the property at a price or conditions suitable to your outcomes.
  • Clarity on the process & costs of purchasing your property
  • Clarity & outsourcing to professionals for issues relating to tax, financial planning, asset protection & legals – if required
  • Clarity & support on formulating a sustainable investing plan for realestate
  • Research to ascertain which areas & what types of properties could meet your criteria
  • Sourcing suitable properties
  • Arranging inspections to view the property
  • If a development site, support to do your feasibility study with professional contacts & resources.
  • Following through the sale to settlement to ensure a smooth process with the settlements agents/vendor or listing real estate agent.
  • Arranging any pre settlement inspections required.

Our fees are reasonable and are set post consultation to take into account your requirements and the time involved to achieve an outcome.

A signed buyer’s agent authority is required to formulate our relationship.

To book a consultation please complete the form below or call 0429092110:


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