6 Reasons to Choose Us For Property Management

6 Reasons to Choose Us For Property Management

6 Reasons to Choose Us For Property Management
6 Reasons to Choose Us For Property Management

Renting a property out can be a daunting decision to make. There are so many bad stories around of bad property managers, bad tenants, and wrecked houses needing work to bring them back up to scratch.  How do you choose the right one?

First, what are the duties of a property manager? They should manage your interests to do with the property and have a respectful relationship with the tenants to facilitate co-operation.  With PWC Realty, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient property management process with these key steps:

Authorization and Ownership Verification

  • Obtain a signed Management Authority, ensuring correct authority figures.
  • Verify ownership through various legal channels, such as Power of Attorney or a company Director.

Property Maintenance and Presentation

  • Conduct thorough property reviews, addressing maintenance between tenants to prevent gradual declines.
  • Create detailed Property Condition Reports with photos, emphasizing their significance in legal matters.
  • Optimize property presentation through professional photos for online portals.

Tenant Interaction and Application Processing

  • Respond promptly to tenant inquiries using response templates.
  • Schedule tenant-friendly viewing times, offering flexibility for working individuals.
  • Provide both hard copy and online application options for convenience.
  • Remove the property from online platforms when sufficient applications are received.

Efficient Application Review and Tenant Selection

  • Process applications promptly, recognizing the urgency in the current market.
  • Conduct thorough background checks on all prospective tenants.
  • Send unbiased application notes to property owners for informed decisions.

Lease Process and Tenant Onboarding

  • Advise successful applicants and provide Trust Account details for payment.
  • Draw up leases, ensuring inclusion of all relevant property clauses.
  • Ensure paperwork complies with the Tenancy Act.

Tenant Meeting and Property Handover

  • Meet tenants on-site for lease signings, providing keys and Property Condition Reports.
  • Address property idiosyncrasies and leave manuals for tenant reference.

Ongoing Inspections and Communication

  • Conduct a free inspection six weeks post-move-in to ensure tenant satisfaction.
  • Schedule quarterly inspections, checking for maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Adhere to timelines for rent reviews, late rent, lease renewals, and terminations.
  • Maintain constant communication with property owners, providing updates and routine inspection details.

Termination and Final Bond Inspections

  • Adhere to timelines for termination, organize handovers, and conduct final Bond inspections.
  • Ensure a well-maintained property handover, addressing wear and tear between tenants.

PWC Realty’s meticulous approach ensures a seamless property management experience for both owners and tenants.

In summary…… what are the reasons that makes PWC Realty different?

Property Presentation


Simply, property presentation is about making your rental property look its best to attract good tenants. It involves keeping the place clean, fixing any issues promptly, and sometimes adding a few touches to make it more appealing to potential tenants.

The goal is to present the property in a way that makes the tenant interested and comfortable, so they can envision it as their home. Property presentation with PWC Realty is essentially preparing a place at its best for the tenant to make an easy decision to have it as their next home.

Respecting And Encouraging Tenants To Meet Standard Inspections


We cover the following services:

  1. Detailed property condition reports with pictorial evidence
  2. In-house management conducts quarterly inspections.
  3. Confirmative follow-up inspections for improvement requests to ensure issues are addressed.

You can guarantee that we will be checking the rented place to make sure it meets certain standards. During these inspections, it’s about treating the tenants with respect, addressing any maintenance issues, and encouraging them to keep the property in good condition. The idea is to work together so that your home is all that can be expected and meets the agreed-upon standards, creating a positive living environment for tenants.

Tenant Management


Your tenant pays the money so there are a very important component of your investment. 

Tenant management is about us taking care of your tenant, the person renting the property. It includes finding and checking suitable tenants, sorting out the rental agreement, collecting their rent, and addressing any concerns or maintenance problems they might have while they are living there – taking steps to avoid problems is always a good idea – to be pro-active rather than re-active; to do this you need to know your tenants. It’s all about making sure that the tenants will have a good and hassle-free experience renting the property through PWC Realty – good relationships make it easy to get good rent.

Landlord Management


Property Manager also have to manage landlords.

We have to work within the bounds of the Tenancy Act – what may be a simple solution rarely is when you have to abide by the Tenancy Act.   This Act gets updated from time to time and we require to keep abreast of the changes and implement them.  

These days many of the changes are in favour of the tenant and Industry bodies have to negotiate with the government (who seem to resent investors and landlords until they realize that when investors leave the market, they have to make up the shortfall in housing for tenants) for realistic amendments to retain investors in the renting market.

As a Property Manager sometimes we have to tell landlords bad news and without a good relationship based upon trust earned by good performance, this can become a very stressful event for both the property manager and the owner, often resulting in loss of a management for the agency.

Communication and Transparency


PWC Realty stands out by prioritizing open communication to enhance the rental experience. Their deliberate decision to manage a smaller number of properties reflects a commitment to personalized attention and effective property management practices. We provide an additional service called:  

Asset Management — what does it mean? Asset Management focuses on optimizing financial returns through rent reviews, performance assessments, and budgeting for future building enhancing maintenance.  PWC Realty focuses on the fact that the performance of the property impacts the holistic investment plans of our clients, and supports the input of other professionals so we are working as a team – this involves checking and balancing the financial performance of the property investments we manage,  strategic planning and thoughtful decisions to maximize returns. We recognize the importance of time in the real estate market and the benefits to be gained due to population growth and government forward planning.


Obligation-Free Rental Appraisal


If the foregoing resonates with you and you feel that this is what you are looking for, we extend a warm invitation to property owners to reach out to PWC Realty for a comprehensive and obligation-free rental appraisal.

We are ready to provide you with a thorough assessment of your property’s rental potential, taking into account current market trends, property features, and other relevant factors.

By availing yourself of this service, you can gain valuable insights into the optimal rental value of your property without any commitment or obligation.

We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and insightful rental appraisals to assist you in making informed decisions about your property. Feel free to contact us at your convenience, and let us support you in making your dreams happen.

Our top six reasons, including strategic asset management, appealing property presentation, tenant-focused management, and transparent communication, are tailored to enhance your property journey.

We prioritize optimizing your valuable resources, creating inviting spaces, and fostering positive living environments.  With PWC Realty, expect a results-driven approach, open communication, and  an obligation-free rental appraisal.

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Contact us today and let PWC Realty be your trusted partner in turning your property dreams into reality. comment down bellow to connect with us or call Jo Lindo NOW at 0429 092 110.

7 Ways to Start Off the New Year Right this 2024

7 Ways to Start Off the New Year Right this 2024

7 Ways to Start Off the New Year Right this 2024


7 Ways to Start Off the New Year Right this 2024

As we step into the embrace of a new year, it’s like being handed a blank canvas, ready for us to paint our stories anew. The transition from the old to the new isn’t just about changing dates; it’s an invitation to shake off the dust of yesterday and stride into a world of fresh possibilities.

In this blog, we’ll explore 7 ways to start off the new year right this 2024. No lofty resolutions here—just simple steps to infuse positivity, set goals that resonate, and carve out a path that feels uniquely yours. So, here’s to embracing the unwritten chapters of 2024 with open hearts and a sprinkle of optimism.

Reflect on the Past Year

Reflect On The Past Year - PWC Realty

Take a moment to think about the past year. What did you achieve? What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? Looking back can help you figure out what you want to do in the coming year. It’s like planning based on what you’ve been through. Think about your successes as things that can push you forward, not just things to be proud of. The tough times? See them as steps to help you grow.

Reflecting on the past is like a guide to setting some real, achievable goals for the next year. Whether it’s getting better at something, doing well at work, or building better relationships, your thoughts about the past can help you aim for the future.

It’s not just thinking about what happened. It’s a way to see where you want to go. So, take a little time to look back, celebrate the good stuff, learn from the not-so-good stuff, and get ready for what’s next.

Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals - PWC Realty

Think about what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. Break down your aspirations into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals—that’s what we mean by SMART goals. Whether these goals are about becoming a better version of yourself, advancing in your career, improving your health, getting a new home or renting out, and even in nurturing relationships, the key is to have crystal-clear objectives. Doing so not only provides a roadmap for your journey but also serves as a source of direction and motivation to keep you moving forward. So, let’s put on our goal-setting hats and pave the way for a purposeful and motivated year ahead!

Taking that big leap requires perseverance and support, and we would like to have the opportunity to be your partner in the decision-making of your goals this 2024. May it be for looking at a new home or looking for a comfortable place to start your year with, click here to see how PWC Realty is ready to assist and be your ally.

Create a Vision Board

Create A Vision Board - PWC Realty

Ever thought about making your dreams a daily pick-me-up? That’s where a vision board comes in. It’s like a visual wish list made with pictures, quotes, and symbols that scream “this is what I want!” No need for fancy arts and crafts skills—just grab some magazines or printouts.

Arrange these pieces on a board in a way that feels right for you. Think of it as a DIY poster of your dreams. Now, here’s the cool part: put it where you can see it every day. Could be by your desk, coffee spot, or phone screen.

There are lots of ways to do a vision board that is achievable even in minimal effort. If you are looking forward to an organized start for the year, this will surely help.

Prioritize Self-Care

Prioritize Self-Care - PWC Realty

Focus on yourself—it’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Self-care involves tending to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Simple habits like regular exercise, ensuring you get enough sleep, and incorporating mindfulness practices can make a significant difference.

The purpose is not about being overly cheerful; it’s about fortifying yourself to face life’s challenges. By establishing a routine of self-care, you build resilience and better equip yourself to navigate the complexities of everyday life. Integrate self-care into our daily lives for a more balanced and resilient well-being.

Organize and Declutter

Organize and Declutter -PWC Realty

As you step into the new year, kickstart it with a fresh perspective by decluttering your home and workspace. Clearing out the unnecessary not only enhances aesthetics but also fosters a sense of mental clarity and order.

The impact of an organized space extends beyond visual appeal—it significantly influences productivity and overall well-being. Decluttering is more than a chore; it is a therapeutic journey, making space for new opportunities and setting the stage for a more focused and harmonious life.

For more insights on intentional living and positive habits, check out our blog on decluttering & downsizing, where we dwell deeper into creating a fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle.

Learn Something New

Learn Something New - PWC Realty

Make learning a cool habit in your life. Pick something you’ve always wanted to know more about, like a hobby or skill. May it be drawing, cooking, knitting, or learning a new instrument. Despite being busy with a lot of things, you can still set aside some time to dive into it.

You can do this in a bunch of ways—check out online courses, join a workshop, or grab a book on the topic. Learning is not just about getting smarter, it’s like planting a seed of happiness and growth in your life. Imagine the satisfaction and the feeling of getting a bit wiser every day.

You can also motivate yourself more by reading books about learning something new. Refresh your mind with new ideas and reflect into them.

Connect with Loved Ones

Connect with Loved Ones - PWC Realty

Life gets busy, but don’t forget the joy that comes from hanging out with friends and family. Whether it’s a quick video call, a get-together, or just dropping a sweet message, connecting with loved ones is like adding sunshine to your day.

It’s more than just catching up; it’s about feeling that sense of togetherness and support. When you share moments, it’s like building a cozy home of love and understanding.

In our fast world, relationships sometimes take a backseat. But giving time to the people who matter is like planting seeds of happiness. So, let’s cherish those connections—through a virtual hug, a friendly gathering, or a simple “Hey, I’m thinking of you.” After all, these connections are the heartbeats of our lives.

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Nothing seemed too much for her, though at times it possibly was stressful. She and Jo made the purchase run smooth and kept us informed and helped us all the way. We are both extremely happy at the service PWC Realty provided us. Would not hesitate to use this company to buy and sell properties with. “

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