Father’s Day 2023 – What To Do On Father’s Day?

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It’s not a secret that fathers are certainly the family’s pillar of strength and the source of unwavering love and support.
He is the one who conveys essential life lessons to his children, teaching them the value of integrity, diligence, and tenacity. He is also the one responsible for molding their personalities under his direction and inspiring them to pursue their goals whilst supporting their mother.

First of all, why is the role of a father very important?

Dad doing schoolwork with son

Fathers are incredibly important in influencing the lives of their children. They offer not only material assistance but also emotional security and a solid framework for personal development. Fathers often are the ones teaching their children practical life skills – how to fix things, create things and do things.

This role when done in a supportive manner, goes a long way to helping their children develop self-esteem and a sense of capability which assists them to develop character and self-confidence.

When is it going to happen?

Father’s Day takes place this year on the first Sunday in September.

What, as a family, will you do different this year for the fathers within your family circle or community. Community is the backbone of our society, more so today when we are all so busy, these occasions offer us time to bond & connect with others around us who are not in our family but render us valuable support in times of trouble.

Types of Event

These are not what you would like but what he would like and enjoy, enrolling the children in this decision helps to bond the family as well…..

Family get together celebrating dad

Family or community BBQ

If the sun is shining and you have a large family, an extended family BBQ in a centralized spot is one idea; a street or local area gathering of neighbors in the nearby park is another, thereby creating a ‘fathers’ gathering’ that can offer the men an opportunity to create a support group for each other.

Tickets to his favourite event

An important game of footy or a concert

Family movie night
Family get together celebrating dad

Organise a dinner or a small get-together

Organizing the date and time early is an essential factor in getting the diary sorted & the event locked in for the event to be successful, especially if the family is organizing other family members ie in-laws.


Decide on a location that will fit the occasion. Take an outdoor party, for instance. A fun idea would be to prepare a picnic. To make it memorable, finding a location that offers a breathtaking view or in an area that supports a hobby that the men enjoy.

Set a budget as well for the occasion. This will assist you in choosing the kinds of foods, drinks, decorations, and other components you can use. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive but well thought out with the men’s interests and likes taken into account. Be resourceful and make the best out of the things you can and have! The ladies together can come up with some fun and engaging ideas for sure.

Will you be self-catering or will you be outsourcing the catering ie a spit pig roast.

Family activities

Will there be a cricket match, or a footy game or shooting some hoops on a basket ball court. Will there be swimming races or just fun child-like games – some dads get a real kick at being young at heart again.

If you are organizing a family or community event, make sure that the invites go out early and the RSVP’s are gathered to know the numbers.

Digital invitations, social media events, and conventional paper invitations are all options, but if possible excluding the fathers from receiving the invites would be a very thrilling surprise too! Single dads of course would have to be included and I am sure would feel very much appreciated – they are the unsung heros in our community and are single mums.

Decorate the space to fit the theme or the event to improve the ambiance. Flowers, candles, and fairy lights can all help to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to make our fathers feel very important on that special day,

Make plans for your guests’ entertainment, such as games, music, or a movie showing — compiling memorable photos and video recordings will surely touch our father’s heart! This will increase the event’s enjoyment and keep everyone interested.

It is also important to relax and take pleasure in our father’s company throughout the celebration. Participate in discussions, take part in activities, and make sure everyone is having a good time – this is the secret of being a good host and in these events everyone needs to pull their weight to make it a success.

And lastly, don’t forget to thank the guests, the ones who organized the event, and of course, the star of the occasion — the loved fathers.

Profoundly thank and express your gratitude for their contribution to the life of the family and also by reminiscing the most impactful memories you have had with them. There have been some lovely songs and poems written about fatherhood as well that can say what we sometimes find hard to say.

To the fathers who are no longer with us

Fathers who are dearly missed

For many who have lost their fathers, Father’s Day can also be an emotional time. In remembrance of the cherished memories and the influence they had on our lives, we pay respect to the fathers who are no longer with us.

Whether they are our biological fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, or father figures, Father’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate all the fathers in our lives. It’s a chance for us to say thank you for their support, love, and the profound impact they’ve had on us. Make this Father’s Day one to remember by showing love and gratitude to the unsung heroes who have influenced our lives.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Father's day gift ideas

Here are some unique and mindful Father’s Day gift recommendations:


Add your dad’s name, initials, or a sentimental message to products like a wallet, keychain, mug, or picture frame.


Buy your dad some exceptional skincare, shaving, or grooming equipment, such as a kit.


Think about getting your dad a gift that is in line with his hobbies, such as a new set of golf balls, fishing equipment, painting supplies, or kitchen gadgets.


If your dad enjoys reading, pick a title from his favorite genre or written by a favorite author.


Whether it’s a monthly book delivery, a coffee subscription, or a hobby-related subscription box, enroll your father in one that reflects his interests.


Add wireless headphones, a phone stand, or a wristwatch to your dad’s collection of tech gadgets.


This can include a set of BBQ rubs, a custom apron, or some upscale grilling gear for the dad who enjoys cooking.


Give the gift of experience by purchasing tickets to a sporting event, concert, cooking class, or weekend trip.


Make a photo album with special photos and text that honors your bond with your father.

10. DIY present:

Make a handmade card, a scrapbook, or a piece of art as a DIY present using your creativity.


If your father enjoys working out, give him new workout attire, a fitness tracker, or a set of dumbbells.


Fill a jar with letters or little cards conveying precious recollections and justifications for your admiration of your dad.


Enroll your dad in a class in something he’s always wanted to learn, like dance, cooking, or photography.

14. Personalised Whiskey glasses or beer mugs

Engrave whiskey glasses or beer mugs with his name or a heartfelt message.


Surprise your dad with a spa day, a massage, or a comfortable bathrobe and slippers for some downtime.
The best Father’s Day presents are ones that are heartfelt expressions of your love and gratitude for your father. When selecting the ideal present to make the day memorable for him, take into account his preferences, hobbies, and personality.

We hope that these ideas are of help, for you to create a Father’s Day that he will remember.

We’d love to hear more of your thoughts! Leave a comment below to connect with us and share your awesome and heartfelt experiences.


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