Frequently Asked Questions

Jo Lindo - PWC Realty - Principal

Q: What price can I get for my property if I sell with PWC Realty?

Selling a property for the best price in the market depends upon 3 P’s : Price – Where & how you price the property relevant to the market conditions & sales evidence, Promotion – How it is promoted ie marketed & with the right listing strategy and Presentation – in other words does it have a ‘wow’ factor.

Q: How much will I need to spend on advertising?

You can spend nothing and have the ‘best kept secret in the market’ or you can spend what you think it deserves to get the attention of qualified buyers to create a competitive environment to get the best price possible.

Q: How long do you think it will take to sell my property?

The 3 P’s again play a part – people want to perceive value to make a decision to buy and they need to know it is on the market & they want to be emotionally capitivated.  All 3 will get you the best price in the shortest time frame.

Q: How do you handle potential buyers’ questions?

By listening & being transparent in my replies, asking questions, gaining their trust and leading them to action

Q: How will you communicate with me?

As you desire to be communicated with – each vendor has different expectations and this I ask when I am listing your property