Best Christmas Gift ideas FOR 2023

Best Christmas Gift ideas FOR 2023

Choosing the best Christmas gift ideas for 2023 can be significantly affected by the interests and preferences of the receiver. Just as promised in our previous blog, which is about the 10 Best Christmas Shopping Essentials, here are some popular and thoughtful gift suggestions for this season

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are personalized items with a special message, such as a person’s name or date, to make the recipient feel special and valued. Examples of personalized gifts are:

  • Engraved Jewelry
  • Monogrammed Clothing
  • Artwork
  • Photo Albums

These demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration for the recipient’s individual tastes and preferences.

Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets are popular gifts due to their practicality, entertainment, connectivity, productivity, personalization, innovation, versatility, longevity, trendiness, and thoughtfulness. Examples of tech gadgets that you can give are:

  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Watch
  • Game Console

They offer entertainment value, stay connected, enhance productivity, cater to various interests, and have a relatively long lifespan. Personalization and thoughtfulness are also important, as tech gadgets can be customized to the recipient’s needs and preferences.

Subscription services

Subscription Services

Subscription services make excellent gifts due to their variety of options, personalization, convenience, ongoing enjoyment, discovery of new things, budget-friendly options, sustainability, flexibility, no clutter, and surprises. It’s important to consider the recipient’s interests and check for terms and conditions to ensure flexibility.

  • Home Decorating books
  • Women’s magazine with recipes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Photography
  • Overseas Hello magazine
  • Fashion Magines
  • Oldies – pay for a monthly pool cleaner or gardener

Home & Kitchen Supplies

Home & Kitchen Supplies

Home and kitchen supplies make thoughtful and practical gifts for various occasions. Popular items include:

  • Cookware
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Cutting Boards
  • Knives
  • Utensils
  • Kitchen Storage
  • Cookbooks
  • Coffee Accessories

When selecting these types of gifts, consider the recipient’s preferences, needs, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle choices. Personalizing the gift with the recipient’s name or message can make it more special.

Books & Learning Materials

Books & Learning Materials

Books and learning-related gifts are perfect for individuals with a love for knowledge, reading, or exploring new subjects. These gifts can foster personal growth and enrichment. Examples include:

  • Books
  • E-Readers
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Audiobooks
  • Online Courses
  • Educational Games
  • Language Learning Tools
  • Craft Kits
  • Educational Toys
  • Art Supplies
  • Journals
  • Science Kits
  • Music Lessons
  • Historical Maps
  • Educational Subscription Services

These gifts are mostly common and thoughtful, especially if someone you know gave this to you while matching your preference.

Food Baskets & Beverages

Food Baskets & Beverages

Fruit baskets are popular choices for gifting during the holiday season. These baskets are filled with

  • Gourmet Snacks
  • Chocolates
  • Cheeses
  • Wine
  • Craft Beer
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Specialty Chocolates

Gift sets with pre-measured ingredients and recipes are also popular. Food subscription boxes, customized cookies, cookbooks, and gift certificates are also popular choices. they offer the opportunity to provide both pleasure and nourishment and they can be a warm and heartfelt way to express care and consideration for those you are gifting to.

Plants & Gardening

Plants & Gardening Tools

Plants and gardening-related gifts are thoughtful and meaningful choices for various occasions. They symbolize growth, renewal, and the enduring nature of relationships, making them suitable for housewarmings, weddings, or anniversaries. Indoor plants promote health and well-being, add aesthetic appeal, and show a personal touch. Gifting plants encourages learning, skill development, and a sense of accomplishment. They align with sustainability and eco-conscious lifestyles, promoting a connection with nature and the environment.

Gardening can be a relaxing and stress-reducing hobby, making it suitable for individuals seeking peace and balance. Plants can also serve as educational tools for children, teaching them about biology, ecology, and responsibility. They can be customized, have a wide variety, and last for a long time. Gifting plants can inspire thoughtful care, create a memorable experience, and spark conversations about gardening and nature.



Clothes can be a thoughtful and practical choice, especially when considering the recipient’s personal style, preferences, and needs. Some popular clothing gift ideas include

  • Dresses
  • Activewear
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans
  • Hoodies
  • Pajamas

A cozy sweater is a classic and popular choice for the winter season, while scarves, shawls, and wraps provide stylish and versatile accessories. Winter jackets or coats are practical for colder climates, while pajamas and loungewear are perfect for relaxation. Accessories like belts, ties, bowties, or pocket squares can complement the recipient’s wardrobe.



A staycation offers a vacation-like experience without the need for travel, providing convenience, cost-effectiveness, customization, relaxation, exploration of local attractions, quality time, support for local businesses, reduced environmental impact, flexibility, adventure at home, and a variety of options. Staycations can be a thoughtful and cherished gift, allowing our loved ones to make lasting memories and enjoy the comforts of home or their local surroundings.

You can always look for exciting deals especially around Perth. Don’t forget to enjoy it with your loved ones!



When it comes to gifting your loved ones, I’m sure you can think of a lot more possibilities. Knowing the recipient’s preferences, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle is a vital factor to consider while choosing the best gift you can offer this holiday season.


Don’t forget that the message of thoughtfulness, care, and love that you put into gift-giving is the most important thing that will matter, especially this time of year.


We would like to know your thoughts. Please give a comment below and connect with us!

10 Best Christmas Shopping Essentials

10 Best Christmas Shopping Essentials

When it comes to Christmas shopping, there are a few things that could help the whole thing work more smoothly and enjoyably.


Here are 10 best Christmas shopping essentials by PWC Realty to help you get through the holiday season.

PWC Realty - Shopping List

1. Shopping List

Make a detailed shopping list to keep track of the gifts and groceries you must buy. This will help you in being organized and prevent last-minute stress.

You can use various methods, such as pen and paper, smartphone apps, notes apps, or a whiteboard or chalkboard. It should be organized by categories like:

  • Groceries
  • Household Items
  • Personal Items
  • Gifts

To save money on shopping, create a list of items you need, group similar items together, increase quantity, and evaluate before going to the store. Keep the list handy, tick items off while shopping, and review it periodically to account for changing needs. This method ensures you only buy what you need, avoids impulsive purchases, and keeps you organized, saving time on shopping trips. Regularly updating your list can help stay on schedule. Keeping a shopping list is a simple yet effective method for organizing and ensuring you don’t forget anything during your shopping trip.

PWC Realty - Budget

2. Budget

Set a holiday-buying budget and stick to it. This can help you with handling your finances while preventing overspending. It is essential to create a holiday budget all through the holiday season. This includes a budget for gifts, decorations, travel, food and drink, charitable donations, and wrapping paper.

To avoid overspending, do the following:

  • Prioritize where you spend and Set gift limitations.
  • Track your Christmas expenses, may it be in a spreadsheet, budgeting tool, or journal.
  • Look for deals and discounts
  • Consider alternative present ideas
  • Minimize non-essential spending
  • Plan and save ahead of time
  • Avoid credit card debt
  • Frequently assess and adjust your budget

Remember that spending quality time with loved ones, rather than lavish gifts or parties, is the actual spirit of the holidays. You may enjoy the holiday season without the stress of overspending and financial pressure if you follow these guidelines and are careful with your budget.

PWC Realty - Gift Ideas

3. Gift Ideas

Choosing the ideal Christmas gift can be a fun nevertheless, a difficult pursuit. The perfect gift may be defined by the recipient’s interests, age, and personality. Here are some Christmas gift suggestions for different people in your life:

  • Tech Gadgets
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Gourmet Gifts
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Books and Subscriptions
  • Beauty and Self-Care
  • Experiences
  • Hobby-Related Gifts
  • Subscription Boxes
  • DIY Gifts
  • Charitable Donations

When picking a gift, keep in mind the receiver’s hobbies and tastes, and don’t forget that the thought and effort you put into choosing a meaningful gift can be as important as the gift itself.

Detailed suggestions for gifts will be revealed in our next blog. So don’t forget us and stay tuned when that happens.

PWC Realty - reusable shopping bags

4. Reusable Shopping Bags

Another essential tip is to bring reusable shopping bags with you because this also offers several environmental, economic, and practical benefits. Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch to reusable bags:


  • This is a sustainable solution to the growing issue of plastic pollution, as it reduces single-use plastic waste and conserves resources.
  • They are made from materials like cloth, jute, or recycled plastics, which are more durable and can withstand multiple shopping trips and heavy loads.
  • Despite initial costs, reusable bags often pay for themselves over time, as stores often offer discounts for customers who bring their reusable bags.
  • Reusable bags also have a lower carbon footprint due to reduced energy and emissions associated with production, transportation, and disposal.
  • They also pose less harm to wildlife, as plastic bags can be harmful to them.
  • Reusable bags are more convenient and can be sturdy for carrying groceries and other items, with reinforced handles and larger capacities.
  • They come in a wide range of designs and styles, allowing individuals to express their personality and support causes they care about. Using reusable bags also supports sustainable practices and can help comply with local laws.
PWC Realty - Store Aoos

5. Store Apps

In today’s generation, store apps are vital for the convenience they provide, and they also help with keeping us organized especially if you are planning ahead of time, or if for instance you would somehow forget a number of goods last-minute when preparing for the holidays.

Download the apps of your favourite stores for exclusive discounts and deals. Many retailers offer app-exclusive promotions at the time, knowing that the holiday season will be filled with shopping trips and people will be literally all around for Christmas shopping.

PWC Realty - Discounts and Coupons

6. Discounts and Coupons

During the holiday season, you can look for discounts and coupons and you can explore a variety of sources, both online and offline that might help you save money on your shopping. Here are some places to look for holiday discounts and coupons specific to the Perth area:


  • Local Newspapers and Magazines – Look for advertisements and coupons from Perth-based merchants, restaurants, and service providers in local newspapers and periodicals.
  • Shopping Centres and Malls – Visit the websites of Perth’s biggest retail malls, such as Westfield Carousel, Garden City, and Lakeside Joondalup.
  • Retailer Websites – Look for holiday promos and special discounts on the official websites of your favourite Perth-based retailers.
  • Many retailers will have current discounts and coupons available online. Local Deal Websites and Apps – Scoopon, Groupon Australia, and All The Deals are some Perth-specific bargain websites and apps to check out.
  • Coupon and Deal Aggregator Websites – Look for Perth-specific offers or coupons on websites like RetailMeNot or
PWC Realty - Shopping Tools

7. Shopping Tools

Using online shopping tools for Christmas shopping can greatly enhance your shopping experience and offer several benefits, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Here are some reasons why online shopping tools are important during the holiday season:

  • Price Comparison – You can compare costs from other merchants using online tools and websites.
  • Coupon and discount aggregators – Many online tools and websites collect coupons, promo codes, and discounts from multiple stores in one place, making it simple to find and apply savings to your purchases.
  • Wish lists and present Tracking – Many online programs allow you to establish wish lists, track present purchases, and organize your holiday shopping, which can help you keep organized and prevent making duplicate purchases.
  • Online Discounts and Promotions – Retailers frequently offer online-only discounts and promotions, and web tools make it easier to find and take advantage of these bargains.
  • Security and privacy – Reputable online shopping tools and websites frequently have secure payment methods and stringent privacy protection measures in place to keep your information safe.

These can help you obtain the best gifts for your loved ones while staying within your budget this Christmas.

PWC Realty - Gift Wrapping

8. Gift Wrapping Supplies

A simple way to improve the presentation, surprise, and sentiment of the gifts, is gift-wrapping products which are an essential component of holiday gift-giving. Stock up on the following for the upcoming holidays:

  • Gift Wrap
  • Tape
  • Ribbons
  • Gift Tags

These contribute to the preservation of cultural traditions and the creation of a cheerful and unforgettable holiday experience.

    Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

    9. Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

    Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, especially if you will be doing a lot of shopping in-store. Long shopping trips require a high level of comfort.

    It is critical to feel at ease while Christmas shopping for both your physical well-being and your entire shopping experience. It allows you to walk freely, withstand lengthy shopping hours, and make the most of your Christmas shopping while minimizing discomfort and weariness.

    PWC Realty - Gift Wrapping

    10. Patience and Kindness

    The Christmas season is one of the biggest seasons for online and in-store shopping. When dealing with bigger crowds, longer lines, and busier traffic, patience is essential.

    There may also be unforeseen delays or problems, such as supply shortages, technical malfunctions, or shipment delays. Patience enables you to handle these situations without undue stress.

    During the holiday season, fostering a harmonious atmosphere through patience and kindness can enhance the overall experience and promote a positive and joyful atmosphere.

      Get in the holiday spirit with PWC Realty

      We would like to hear more of your thoughts, and if you have come this far, don’t forget that PWC Realty is here to make your property journey dreams happen.

      Connect with us as we enter the most wonderful time of the year. We hope that we can celebrate this holiday season with joy and abundance. 




      Have you checked your garden’s condition these past few weeks over winter?

      When was the last time you strolled in your garden and let the plants speak to you while you pondered What would you do in your garden this Spring for the upcoming year?

      Will you be an artist with colour? Will you be more practical with kitchen herbs, vegetables, fruit, and salad plants? Or, will you be into studying and growing natural medicinal plants?  You could combine all three ideas throughout your garden.


      We can start with the basics…….

      Here are some things to take into consideration to make your efforts successful.

      Identify where are the shady spots and where are the sunny spots and at what time of the day.

      PWC Realty

      What is the condition of your soil? Is it well-draining, or does it need some humus & manure dug in? Are you going to put mulch down to save water, if so what kind of mulch? And will you do it before or after you plant? (You could plant first then mulch when the plants are bigger later on.

      PWC Realty - Soil COndition

      How is your reticulation working and where is it positioned for maximum effect?

      garden reticulation

      What kinds of flowers do you want this year – the same as before or something new? What colours?

      What height of plants do you want? How big do the plants grow and how many do you want of a certain kind?

      Would you like a perfumed garden this year with honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenias, and other such plants like Brunfelsia bonodora—commonly known as “yesterday, today, and tomorrow”? Some of these plants are shrubs and are long-term items for your garden.

      PWC 14

      Do you want to look into companionable planting—what is this? Well, it is planting plants together that take care of the pests and bugs. Lady birds for instance are wonderful for getting rid of thrips so encouraging them into your garden is a good idea. Frogs too provide a very valuable service for eating bugs and flies—they love moist shady areas to hide with a water feature to lay their eggs in. My friend has 5 different species of frogs in her backyard garden amongst the trees and shrubs.

      PWC REALTY - companionable planting


      Herbs—this is a varied family and often dual purpose with medicinal use. They are easy to grow and they attract pollinators. While you need to replant basil, coriander, and summer dill every spring, many herbs, like thyme, sage, and oregano, are perennials that grow back every year.

      Gardeners nowadays, especially on social media like TikTok are always creating videos about eating vegetables from your garden and recipes to put them to good use.  Various plants like asparagus, artichokes, basil, chives, and berry types have been said to be more common in gardening as they are both beautiful in appearance and delicious in taste—tempt yourself with this


      It is not a secret that these types of plants are essential and have been practiced in gardening for centuries. More and more people are getting into this because of its qualities and convenience, may it be for first aid, detox, vitamins, and a lot more that you can put into your garden. Plants such as chamomile—which can help aid sleep, and mint for a stomach ache are great examples of medicinal plants.  Others are sage, rosemary, lavender, comfrey, bergamont……


      Flower carpet roses, aubretia, creeping herbs like creeping thyme or rosemary, and just some ideas.

      In barren spots in your garden when it is difficult to grow a plant, ground-covering plants help fill up the area by covering the soil and covering the bare ground. They may also help in the soil’s preservation of nutrients and moisture, thereby decreasing the number of weeds that appear.

      Screenshot 2023 09 08 164451


      Plants in this category are often underrated which I think is something they do not deserve. Who doesn’t want a little drama in their garden, right? Imagine a plant that creates a cascading or water-like effect—endless possibilities. Plus, they can be used as a ground cover, or maybe just hang them over a basket, or even cover up those hard-to-grow places in your garden. These plants can also be used indoors especially during winter since they’re perennials. Just don’t forget to put them back out when spring comes.  Creeping jenny, calibrachoa, and vinca vine are the most recommended trailing plants.

      trailing plants


      This is every gardener’s favourite one for sure.

      Variegated leaved plants bring colour to the garden without the need for flowers – they come in a multitude of colours, shapes & sizes not just white/cream & green, but to get the best colour from them, you must make sure you have the right sun filter and soil for them. These types of plants can thrive even in the winter season. 



      Other than the fact that they are easy to grow and maintain, these babies have hundreds of varieties that differ in every shape, size, and colour. Make sure to choose the perfect ones that fit your garden, like lemon coral, emerald empress hens, and chicks. Then you can be certain that you can picture a wonderful transformation from that.



      We all know that this romantic and lovely type of plant is perfect for any garden setting. May it be on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, or even just on a date night with your loved one. This plant is also used in gifts and for home décor. Many new types of roses are said to be long-blooming and because of that fact, it is easier to maintain however, it is the older types of roses that have the perfume, not the hybrids so you could mix them up as some of the hybrids are quite colourful— there is a red rose that is nearly black in colour and that is a beauty. They do require a bit of care with pruning pre-winter and thinning in the spring when they are shooting to make sure the centers do not become too dense.



      Providing your garden with the nutrients your plants need is a must. Bags of sheep manure, cow & chicken manure (use sparingly) are some suggestions as well as straw and fertilizer mix which provides a mulch that breaks down into your soil adding further water retention properties for the dry summers of Perth.   Also, remember the microbes……… these are imperative to have a healthy garden and work wonders, speak to your gardening shop to get the rundown on what these can do to your garden.


      These are just some basic suggestions to get you back into the garden after the winter to enjoy the sunshine, move the body, and get into your creative side.


      Those of you who love your gardens, are well down this track as you have been itching to get in and pull everything out and start again. Your soils will be rich and just need tweaking to bring them back to their best, the retic will be working and your days prowling through Bunnings and other nursery shops will be top of your shopping list. I have a friend that is a garden addict plus a wonderful chef so I know not to interrupt or visit her for the next 4 weeks, her son and son-in-law will be pulled in to do the manual work and they will turn up as they love her cooking – bribery at play, she is no fool. Food is the bonding tool of families!!!!!

      Tips and hacks to step up in the game of saving

      Tips and hacks to step up in the game of saving

      Looking to make your money work harder for you?

      Our blog is here to guide you through the art of saving and achieving your financial goals.

      There are many ways that come to mind whenever we talk about saving money, however, the reality is this can be harder to do than we think, especially these days with rising inflation which has struck worldwide not just in Australia….  Funny isn’t it that the word inflation came on the news and the next day everything in the shops became more expensive –  I did not know that you could plough, plant, fertilize, grow, and harvest vegetables in 24 hours to cover the increase in costs!!!!!

      Tips and Hacks

      Does this mean that we should be worried? Is this an indication of something much bigger, or is this merely a wake-up call for us to be more strategic and think of ways to save and stop to think about how and where we are spending our money? It is so easy to spend money with a card vs cash in your wallet which makes it more tangible to your brain.

      Saving money doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the weekly catch-up with friends or that favorite drink you buy every payday. There are a lot of alternatives to uncontrolled spending, so a little preparation may be one of your money-saving solutions.

      PWC Realty - Tips and Hacks

      Separate your accounts

      Separate your money into multiple accounts for expenses like mortgage payments and savings. This helps you understand your spending and avoid unnecessary expenses. Set up automatic direct debits from your pay to your savings accounts, ensuring you don’t miss any payments and you have allocated them aside in your budget

      Separate your accounts

      Undertake savings challenges

      Money is frequently spent on tiny pleasures such as new clothes, sneakers, or maybe going to the movies. However, even the most insignificant wants can soon add up and cost hundreds of dollars per year. Set reasonable savings objectives, or maybe try to take money saving challenges, or do activities such as making coffee at home for a week, not buying clothes for a month, or buying used instead of new to save money.  Remember however, to put the money that you would have been spending in a jar and deposit the money into your savings account….. otherwise you are not saving money but spending it more slowly!!!!

      shutterstock 1571050606 scaled 2

      Give yourself an allowance

      To save money, set a budget and commit to it, but remember to factor in some ‘treat money’ to reward yourself or your family for going without for other items but make sure it is less that you would have been spending. This will help you stay motivated and save effectively.

      Setting aside your money for essentials like rent, groceries, and bills, as well as personal expenses, can help you create a budget that allows you to get clarity on where and how you spend your money when temptation is not right in front of you, but rather you are looking at reaching your money saving goal – this keeps you focused and motivated.

      PWC Realty - Give yourself an allowance

      Evaluate your insurance or investments

      To build your pension and ensure you have more in retirement, it’s critical for you to evaluate the foundations of your account, such as fees, insurance, and investing possibilities, as this allows you to compare funds and select those that offer the best value. Monthly payments should be considered, and insurance coverage should be carefully considered to what is absolutely necessary for your family to recover & be protected in the event of an emergency.  

      PWC Realty - Evaluate your insurance or investments

      Adjusting the investments you make to meet your financial goals and tolerance for risk, can result in improved long-term results. Choosing the right investment option at the right time might have a big impact on your financial standing.  Most funds have professionals on hand to assist you in making the best pension choices, but do retain your responsibility by educating yourself about investing and keep an eye on the market for adjustments to minimize risk and the performance – sit and forget is not a good idea because the market outlook changes and you may need to take preventative action.

      Plan grocery shopping in advanceed

      Have you ever gone to the grocery store to get some household items and come home with a tub of ice cream? To avoid impulse purchases, make a list & be disciplined so you are spending to your budget for the week or shop online. Meal planning helps maintain a budget by using budget-friendly recipes and choosing meals with similar components. Minimizing unnecessary purchases while offering a healthy diet saves waste and increases savings.  The less times you go to the grocery store the less you will be tempted to buy on impulse.

      PWC Realty - Plan grocery shopping in advance

      Check your pantry and fridge for fresh supplies while creating a shopping list of what you’ll need. Avoid doubling up on goods and go to the supermarket at the end of the day for meat and bread discounts. This will help you save money on unnecessary purchases.  If you have a large panty or storage buying by the carton or multiple items when the food items you regularly use are on special will also save money in the long run as well.

      Borrow or rent

      Garage sales and Market Place local suburb pages on Facebook can provide good quality items at bargain prices or even free from people downsizing and these items can be kitchen utensils, pans or appliances,  or tools like drills and ladders.  Second hand stores are also good places to go shopping for quality clothes in good areas, books and a wide assortment of items including toys.

      Rent various products like campervans, tents, bicycles, children’s equipment, lawnmowers, computers, and apparel from online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, instead of purchasing them.

      Borrow or rent

      Get energy smart

      Starting basic home routines and replacing fixtures and fittings with sustainable options is a great opportunity to save money and improve the environment.

      Lower your environmental impact and save money by turning off appliances, using energy-saving LED bulbs, washing clothes in cold water, and stocking up on door snakes and seals. Use government websites to get the best energy and gas discounts, and consider turning off appliances at the wall and using cold water instead of hot water for better indoor air quality.

      Once you become determined to save money to meet a target, you will be surprised where you find you can save dollars here and there – the trick is if you save yourself $5.00 by not having a coffee then put that $5.00 in a jar; you will be surprised how quickly, cents become dollars and dollars become fifty dollars and fifty dollars become hundreds.

      Get energy smart

      We hope this blog will get you thinking about what to you are doing when you are spending your money – you will now have a filter “do I need this or do I want it” – if you need it you buy it but you would be surprised how many things you think you need you actually in fact can do without and it is a want… this takes self-discipline I grant you, but the reward is greater than the pain. By the way, do not forget to spoil yourself every now and again just to keep yourself out of scarcity thinking, at all times be grateful for what you have and visualize the goal you are aiming for and how you will feel when you achieve it.  

      Here at PWC Realty

      We also value our clients who are looking for their dream home while keeping a tight budget. We will make sure to make your dreams happen!

      Call us today at 0429 092 110 or leave us a message in the comment box below.

      Corelogic Changes in Australian Housing Value data to July 2023 & What Does It Mean

      Corelogic Changes in Australian Housing Value data to July 2023 & What Does It Mean

      CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index (HVI) rose 0.7% in July marking a fifth consecutive month of housing value recovery.

      We all know that making informed decisions in the always-changing real estate market requires knowledgeable and adaptable information. As we go through this article recently published by Corelogic’s news & research campaign, we will analyze significant trends, understand complex market dynamics, and identify feasible solutions.

      Beginning with the national housing value index (HVI) which is up to 4.1% since February, following a -9.1% decline from April 2022.

      Nationally, home values remain -5.3% below the peak, with only Perth, Adelaide, and Regional South Australia recording new cyclical highs.   

      Perth, in particular, recorded a substantial pull back in house values across most suburbs from 2014 to December 2021.  Now, demand and low supply is pushing these prices back up however some suburbs are still below the 2014 highs.

      Suburbs that have strong fundamentals for demand ie good schools, close to train and main arterial roads and close to the CBD did not pull back as much and so now are showing these cyclical highs.

      Here is a Corelogic graph showing the movement of prices across the states on a monthly basis up to July, a quarterly, and annual basis.   Looking at these graphs gives some indication of what parts of Australia are showing growth or pull back on these time frames…..

      This data is what serious investors look at for opportunities and home owners if they are looking to capitalize on growth especially if they are mobile for jobs……

      However with increasing interest rates, growth has lost some of its momentum, slowing from 1.2% in May.

      The slowdown in value growth is mainly due to easing gains in the upper quartile of the market.

       The lower quartile and broad middle of the market remained resilient in July, following a smaller but more consistent rate of growth over previous months.

      This resilience aligns with housing finance data showing a stronger bounce back in lending to first-home buyers and investors.

      Regional values continued to lag behind the capitals, with the combined regionals index rising 0.2% in July compared to a 0.8% increase across the combined capitals index.

      The largest rise in regional housing values has been in the Gold Coast, the Southeast region of Tasmania, and the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie region.

      With the rapid increase in interest rates, mortgage pain and fear is beginning to bite with an increase of listings in most capital cities resulting in an national increase of 3.9% In the last 4 weeks to the end of July 2023.

      Many are choosing to take the opportunity of the current low supply and high demand for housing across Australia as a good time to sell – better now than later when there maybe less buyers due to financial constraints.

      Overall, the capital city advertised stock levels remain low compared to historical levels, but prices are holding their own, suggesting demand is keeping up with the increased flow of new listings.

      PWC Realty

      Would love to hear more of your thoughts! Leave a comment below to connect with us and share your awesome and heartfelt experiences.

      I highly recommend her!

      I highly recommend her!

      I highly recommend her!

      PWC Realty Testimonials

      Jo helped us to acquire the most rewarding investment property in our portfolio. She is the most diligent and present agent I have ever met in my 20 years experience in property investment. She provides one stop service and did all the heavy lifting on post purchase work till we got the good tenants that contributed good returns. I highly recommend her! “

      Shenny Ruan


      Engage with our passionate community here at PWC Realty. Please leave your comments, share your perspectives, and join in the lively discussions that enrich our blog. We value your input and look forward to building a vibrant community of knowledge seekers.

      How to celebrate mother’s day

      How to celebrate mother’s day

      AdobeStock 302364414 1024x683 5

      A mother’s love is unquestionably the greatest gift anyone can receive and a mother can give. Without a doubt, they are indeed worthy of everything we can give in return. Therefore, with that being pointed out, how can we truly express our love on their special day?

      There are plenty of ways to celebrate this occasion to show your own love and appreciation, some obvious and some more subtle.  Here, we would like to offer you some suggestions that give you that special idea that is very personal to you…..

      Spend a Day Together.

      Most of our days are so full, working long hours, studying or just building and keeping in touch with our social & community network, let alone our own family demands and household chores. Our time just disappears and our parents as they age, elderly parents and grandparents can get left out to catch up with later – sadly, later can sometimes mean they have died before we have been able to spend quality time with them, that it is only after they have gone that you realize what a treasure of wisdom and family memories have gone with them.

      mother daughter quotes heroV2 1 3

      Though this may be a relevant scenario to many, simply spending a day dedicated to her will undoubtedly be an ecstatic way to celebrate her special day. To make her feel important and valued, doing the things that she loves, or even just being present on that day will be a joyous memory for her.   You may even wish to book in a day every month for 6 months ahead that is her day and give her that as a present on Mother’s Day.   All relationships take time to be kept alive and grow.

      rs 1024x759 220415092756 1024 Ecomm Mothers Day Flower Deals 2

      Give Her Flowers.

      One of the simplest acts of love is by giving someone flowers. Make her feel appreciated by her one of nature’s gifts – it may it be a few pieces, a bouquet, or even something you’ve picked out of a garden. This gesture will for sure, make her day extra special, as this is something that girls traditionally feel whenever they receive flowers. Simple, but full of love.

      Give Her a Day Off.

      Helping her out on this day will definitely be a remarkable act since we all know how they spend almost their entire day maintaining and tidying up at home. Let her relax and take over some chores, also serve her in a simple way like making her a cup of coffee or tea while you are at it. Add something special in doing this by also preparing her favourite movies to watch while resting. This plain gesture will make her feel as if she is a queen.

      family chores hero
      surprise birthday party 1

      Throw a Surprise Party.

      Plan this out with your family carefully. Because moms have strong instincts, and that wouldn’t be exciting if she would know of course. Celebrate the party by cooking her favourite meal, having some drinks, and giving her the time and appreciation that she needs while playing her best-loved music in the background. Sit down at that dinner table and be involved in celebrating her special day.

      Give Her a Special Gift.

      Knowing what your mom wants on this special day is a plus. Make sure to give her something that is meaningful to her as she celebrates that day. From cakes, clothes, shoes, jewellery, or maybe a touching letter to let her know how much you love her. Moms are happy with whatever we can give but going the extra mile to get her something special hits differently.

      Daughter Giving mother a gift for mothers day 1
      AdobeStock 314711986 Resized for Hero

      Pamper Her.

      Giving her “me time” will indeed make her feel loved and appreciated. Treat her with a simple spa day that will take all her tiredness away. A massage appointment, facial treatment, or even a pedicure/manicure are some top suggestions to pamper her well and help her alleviate and forget the responsibilities that she has on a daily basis.   Book her in though as some mums just do not think they deserve this time out – they are the ultimate givers that some many take for granted.

      Regardless of what way you may want to celebrate Mother’s Day, your love and appreciation will undeniably be felt on this special day. Always remember to cherish and admire all of the sacrifices she has done for you, and the people around her.


      De-cluttering & Downsizing

      De-cluttering & Downsizing

      Downsizing 01

      Oftentimes, de-cluttering and downsizing are seen as almost the same thing and this is mainly because de-cluttering helps make downsizing easier. After having a thorough search and analysis, I think both have a distinct purpose that benefits each other. Identifying their capacity and limitations will be of big help to understanding this topic even better.

      decluttering tidying up 1First, let’s start off with their true meaning based on the dictionary: De-clutter – remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place). — Oxford Dictionary Downsizing – move to a smaller place of residence. — Oxford Dictionary Simply put, you won’t be able to downsize without first managing to de-clutter – This task can feel to be overwhelming but let us break it down with a few questions – remember getting clarity and then organised with a plan of action, always takes time & effort.
      • Will there be any potential changes that will affect your lifestyle when you start to de-clutter?
      • How would you like to utilize your space?
      • What particular furniture do you need?
      • What are the things you won’t have space for in your room?
      • How will de-cluttering change your day-to-day routine?

      Downsizing 02 1

      De-cluttering always stirs up the emotions so it takes time to make some decisions – you may need to do the de-clutter process several times before you are ready to downsize.

      There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind that we will unravel through this discussion, and these are the following:


      Duplicate Items – which refers to multiple or similar items to each other. Flawed Items – this includes damaged, broken, worn-out, missing parts, and other stuff that usually has no use anymore. Unused Items – usually in this category, items like clothes, kitchenware, books, appliances, and many more that are just in-display even if it is not often used, just to value the money spent on that item. Unusable Items – this may seem the same as flawed items, but in this category, it resembles much more on the items that you think won’t be useful to your new space. Expired Items – as simple as it sounds, it’s basically items that are outdated and expired. May it be food, medication, or even electronic items. These examples of working through the initial process can be very helpful to get you started.   How do you walk across America?  One step at a time.

      home remodelling 4To keep yourself on track, focus on things you really need when you move in to a smaller space.  Picturing yourself in your new space can be very helpful to keep you engaged in this process.  Even if you will be continuing to live in the same place, you can visualize, imagine and recreate how you want it to be.

      The importance of this, is that you are prepared to assess how you would feel when you minimize your belongings, to an extent where you can determine how this may affect your daily routine.

      Think of it as if it’s your exclusive space where you can only choose what stuff is important and beneficial to you, like photo albums, clothes, artwork, favourite kitchen items etcetera. The more useful things you leave or bring to your new home, the more beautiful and useful the outcome will be. After all, this is the outcome you wish to achieve when you finish de-cluttering for your new space : less to manage and maintain yet retaining the precious or useful.

      women s hands neatly fold towels into basket If you liked this blog – continue to check in as we will be sending a weekly series of breaking this down into smaller chunks – let us, be your prod to keep in action with one step at a time.   The emotional calm that you will get will be worth it. Written by: Yvonne Gwyneth Babol

      PWC Realty Property Management

      PWC Realty Property Management

      PWC Realty - Seal CertificateAt PWC Realty, we are all about Positive Wealth Creation,  so your Rental property has significance to us as a valuable asset of yours that is working to serve a Purpose & Dream for you and your secure financial future. With this in mind, we consider ourselves part of your management Team, to look after this asset in the best way possible both in maintenance and in getting the right quality tenants who will look after your property to an acceptable standard.  We focus on Results & Solutions not excuses. In our hands, we will know your property inside & out, our Property Condition Reports will be itemised down to the smallest detail as this is the bench mark for Bond recovery. Photos/videos  will be taken as evidence & supporting visuals of any issues and the overall presentation of the property at the commencement of the lease & at the end of a lease. Your quarterly inspections will be conducted by the trained personnel in our office.  It will not be outsourced to 3rd parties, and should there be any issues including cleanliness we will bring them up to the tenants and re-visit the property to ensure that it has been addressed.  We will not allow issues to go unaddressed by either you, the landlord or the tenant.

      We are ‘hands on’ managers of your property and your property will be looked after.

      On the other hand, we respect all of our tenants and encourage them to meet our expected standards.  We appreciate their importance to you the landlord and to our business and treat them accordingly in a fair, polite, considerate & respectful manner. They are not the enemy, but possible referrals of other good tenants for our properties. Like begets Like.
      couple new house

      Your rental property is your valuable asset and we consider ourselves an integral part of your management team as hands-on managers.

      Asset management yearly review, asset performance and budgeting for maintenance and upgrade.


      – Quality property presentation
      – Quality tenant management

      = Higher rent

      Respecting all tenants and encouraging them to meet our standards. We appreciate their importance to you, the landlord, and to our business.


      Results and solutions, NOT EXCUSES!

      Pictorial evidence along with a detailed property condition report. We focus on attention to detail.

      pwc realty innaloo living external

      Inspections are carried out by our in-house management, rather than being outsourced to a third party.

      We do confirmative follow-up inspections for improvement requests.

      Jo Lindo - PWC Realty - Principal

      With transparency at the forefront of our values, we will give you a clear understanding of our services and relationship with you, all tailored to your requirements.

      If you are thinking of renting your property and the above resonates with you, contact PWC Realty for your obligation- free rental appraisal.

      PWC Realty - Seal

      If you are thinking of putting your property up for rent and the foregoing resonates with you,  please contact PWC Realty to give us the opportunity to give you a rental appraisal, a clear understanding of our mutual relationship and discuss our services with you which we will tailor to your requirements.

      Office:  08-6363 5359     Mobile:  0429 092 110
      Jo Lindo - Principal PWC Realty

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      Rental Properties

      If you are looking to rent, please get in contact with us. 

      Recommended Trades people


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      Kerryn Mickle – PWC Realty

      Kerryn Mickle – PWC Realty

      Kerryn Mickle – PWC Realty

      Kerryn Mickle - PWC Realty

      Kerryn has joined our business after successfully completing her registration as a real estate sales representative. She comes to us with extensive knowledge of agriculture and local communities in the Great Southern having lived and worked in the region for 25 years. She also runs a small Livestock consultancy business focussed on assisting farmers to improve their livestock production.

      Having lived and worked in the rural community for many years, Kerryn was the manager of some very successful Agricultural businesses in Kojonup, Mount Barker, Cranbrook and Wagin. She comes with intensive local knowledge from her experiences.

      Kerryn lives in Kojonup on her lifestyle block where she enjoys keeping her Australian Stockhorses and competing on the local & Perth show circuit with scene. She also thrives on the advantages of having room to move – keeping chickens, gardening and entertaining around a bonfire in winter! 

      Kerryn is a regular organiser of events at local Agricultural shows and a contributor equestrian magazines such as the Australian Stockhorse Journal. She has been involved in the polo & polocrosse scene having been a state selector for the PAWA for many years, the Senior Vice President of the state and also been a director on the board of the Polocrosse Association of Australia. She is a level 2 coach and has enjoyed competing with WA teams both in WA and the eastern states.

      Kerryn will be working in rural, residential and lifestyle markets and she is committed to giving you the expert service and the advice you require to sell your property. 

      PWC Realty - Seal

      Contact Kerryn Mickle

      Does living off the grid attract you?

      Does living off the grid attract you?

      Tucked away at the edge of the Stirling ranges, this quaint cottage offers you the opportunity to escape from the city to your own rural hideaway.

      Sitting on 3.8 acres this Council approved 2 bedroom rendered cottage is completely off the grid, & offers the chance for someone with a vision to add their own finishing touches and complete the renovation to make those dreams come true – most of the hard work has already been done.

      BEDROOMS 2
      CAR SPACES 2
      Land Size 15378m2
      Price $165,000

      More informationContact Jo Lindo